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– Arkansas Weddings 2017: In Review – 

Goodness gracious, you guys. There’s no way we’re already in 2018. Right? Riiiiiight? I feel like I just blinked and the year went by, except that I have so many marvelous memories from the year that had to have come from somewhere. I spent so much time with gorgeous brides and dapper grooms at Arkansas weddings (and Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Oklahoma weddings…), witnessed so much love and joy and commitment to forever that it could fill me for a lifetime. Oh, and sparkly things. So many sparkly things.

Heirloom handkerchiefs and rings and veils, lace gowns and chiffon gowns, princess cut diamonds and cushion cut diamonds.

Bridal sneakers with glitter and the fanciest Jimmy Choos and Louboutin pumps (sometimes also with glitter).

Garden roses and peonies and protea and succulents and baby’s breath (so much baby’s breath).

2017 was an amazing year for this little venture of mine. I did the highest number of weddings so far in my career (about 35 full weddings, and a few elopements and reception-only gigs) and was so exhausted and HAPPY. Nothing makes me more fulfilled than this work I do for my precious clients and friends. In 2018 I’m going to scale back a bit to 25 full weddings so I don’t find myself missing my family SO many weekends in a row during busy season, but I’m so looking forward to each and every amazing day with my amazing clients all over Northwest and Central Arkansas this year. And to be honest, we’ll see if I can even bring myself to turn any sweet brides away once I hit 25. Ha!

So to celebrate the New Year (I know, I’m a week late! But I did my best!) I went through the weddings I shot this year and grabbed my favorites…and I came up with 634 favorites. Yikes!! That would be one super mega long blog post that probably nobody would even read, so I whittled it down farther. But not too far! There are still 99 images, most of which I’ve never blogged before (that was kind of a goal when I was selecting them). This was actually kind of an interesting exercise because it showed me what I’m really really drawn to. It’s not surprising that the obvious answers are JOY, genuine emotion, and moments of tenderness between people that love each other. Scroll and enjoy, and have a Happy New Year!! Nothing like new beginnings, eh?

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Arkansas Weddings

Arkansas Weddings

Arkansas Weddings
















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Arkansas Weddings 2017: In Review

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