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– Fayetteville Arkansas Engagement Session – 

It’s a gray and dreary day here in Northwest Arkansas, you guys. The kind of day where you wake up and can hear the rain on the roof and windows, and you’re so cozied up in your blankets in bed that all you can think is nooooooooo way am I getting up right now. And then reality kicks in and you realize you have a job and responsibilities that people are waiting on you for (like a Fayetteville Arkansas engagement session to blog). So you drag your tired body out of bed, and then the rest of the day you don’t see even a hint of sunshine, it’s wet, cold and windy, and all you can think about is that moment tonight when you can collapse back into bed. That’s how it goes for everyone, right? Not just me? 

Now that I’ve complained your ear off about the weather (sorry ya’ll), let me go ahead and introduce one of my sweetest couples, Alex and Holly (I know I say that about all of my clients, but that’s because I’m heckin’ blessed to have the sweetest people on the planet as my wedding clients)! Alex graduated from the University of Arkanasas in Fayetteville, AR, so it seemed really natural to do some of their engagement photos around campus before heading over to catch the sunset over the lake. These lovebirds, you guys. They are the cutest together and it felt like we just laughed the whole entire time!

Scroll down and enjoy some of my very favorite photos from their adorable Fayetteville Arkansas Engagement Session!


FAYETTEVILLE ARKANSAS ENGAGEMENT SESSION2017-10-09_0008.jpg 2017-10-09_0017.jpg 2017-10-09_0002.jpg 2017-10-09_0003.jpg 2017-10-09_0004.jpg 2017-10-09_0015.jpg 2017-10-09_0014.jpg 2017-10-09_0016.jpg 2017-10-09_0009.jpg 2017-10-09_0007.jpg 2017-10-09_0005.jpg 2017-10-09_0010.jpg 2017-10-09_0011.jpg 2017-10-09_0012.jpg 2017-10-09_0013.jpg 

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Corrie Childers is a sought-after Northwest Arkansas wedding photographer, engagement photographer and proposal photographer. Corrie has a natural passion for classic, timeless wedding photography in an elegant and relaxed style. Corrie is currently booking weddings in Bella Vista, Bentonville, Fayetteville, Rogers, Siloam Springs, Eureka Springs and all of Northwest Arkansas, as well as Little Rock, Dallas, St. Louis, Kansas City and beyond!


Fayetteville Arkansas Engagement Session

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