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– Columbus Indiana Wedding – 

It’s pretty often that my brides and grooms become dear friends. We spend quite a bit of time talking, planning and excitedly waiting for one of the biggest days of their lives, so is it really any wonder? I adore that aspect of my job and I have been blessed with the most incredible people coming into my life through my business. But these kids right here…they are literally family. I always get all teary eyed and feel all joyful and giddy at weddings, but there were so many times throughout Stephen and Hannah’s Columbus Indiana wedding day that I could decide whether I wanted to bawl like a baby or just absolutely beam from ear to ear! There is nothing quite like seeing a person grow up from a 7 year old punk kid (sorry Stephen) into such a fine young man, and then BE THE ONE that gets to document the moments he becomes a husband. And Hannah? Our family hit the jackpot when we got this girl! Hannah is quite literally perfect for Stephen in every way: she’s an absolute knockout (duh), she’s so very kind hearted, smart, classy and spunky, and so much FUN to be around! 

Their wedding day at The Commons in Columbus, Indiana was so dreamy and beautiful (and okay, a little bit HOT…note the sweet bride standing in front of the freezer in that one photo…I couldn’t help but include that one!). I’m pretty sure I audibly squealed when I saw the vast expanse of sweeping floor to ceiling windows, and Hannah’s vision to use greenery and white and gold accents dressed the space up to absolute perfection. You’re going to see! Scroll down and enjoy (and be sure to check out the awesome vendors list at the bottom)!


Columbus Indiana Wedding

Columbus Indiana Wedding 2017-10-12_0007.jpg 2017-10-13_0003.jpg Columbus Indiana Wedding 2017-10-13_0005.jpg 2017-10-13_0008.jpg 2017-10-13_0007.jpg 2017-10-12_0008.jpg 2017-10-12_0009.jpg 2017-10-12_0010.jpg Columbus, Indiana Wedding 2017-10-13_0015.jpgColumbus, Indiana Wedding

2017-10-13_0017.jpg    2017-10-13_0016.jpg2017-10-13_0018.jpg   2017-10-13_0023.jpg 2017-10-13_0024.jpg 2017-10-13_0025.jpg 2017-10-13_0026.jpg 2017-10-13_0027.jpg 2017-10-13_0019.jpg 2017-10-13_0020.jpg Columbus Indiana Wedding 2017-10-13_0029.jpg2017-10-13_0028.jpg 2017-10-13_0030.jpg Columbus Indiana Wedding Columbus Indiana Wedding Columbus Indiana Wedding2017-10-13_0033.jpg

Columbus Indiana Wedding Columbus Indiana Wedding Columbus Indiana Wedding 2017-10-13_0036.jpg 2017-10-13_0037.jpg 2017-10-13_0038.jpg Columbus Indiana Wedding 2017-10-13_0041.jpg 2017-10-13_0040.jpg Columbus Indiana Wedding Columbus Indiana Wedding 2017-10-13_0044.jpg

A quick shoutout to the awesome vendors that played a part in Stephen and Hannah’s incredible day:

Venue: The Commons

Videographer: Hutson Productions

Gown: Sophia’s Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses: Dainty Jewells

Cupcakes: Jennifer Burks, Small Cakes: A Cupcakery

Catering: Jennifer Thompson

Ice Cream Parlour: Zaharakos

Favors: Bentley Seeds


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Stephen and Hannah’s Columbus Indiana Wedding

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