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Chilly NYE Wedding at Sassafras: Whitney & Chris

January 31, 2024

Pull up a seat because I’m about to tell the story of Whitney and Chris’s NYE Wedding – all captured through the lens of this Arkansas wedding photographer. It was a day that had us all freezing our tails off, but hey, every shiver was worth it!

Imagine this – a vineyard in the heart of winter. Bare vines swaying in the chilly breeze. It was like a scene from a romantic movie, where even the vines were braving the cold for a touch of magic.

The day started with all the buzz of excited children waiting on a snowstorm. Whitney rocked that winter bride look in her sparkly dress & veil and Chris could hardly contain his excitement waiting for his beautiful bride. His contagious enthusiasm soaked into every single person there. And Whitney’s sweetness? It was like a cozy blanket in the midst of a snowstorm as she shared those special moments with friends and family.

The ceremony was pure winter charm. Against the backdrop of the vineyard’s open-air chapel ruins, lit up with cafe lights and candles, Whitney and Chris poured their hearts out with vows that warmed us up despite the freezing temps. Kisses were exchanged, and the crowd went wild with cheers – maybe to stay warm too, who knows?

Now, onto the reception – a crazy mix of laughter, joy, and Chris & Whitney turning up the dance floor into a lively zone. Seriously, if you weren’t dancing, you were missing out big time.

The party continued with a cotton candy cart, popcorn station, a caricature artist, choreographed group dances, and so much delicious food. And since it was New Year’s Eve, you bet there was a midnight countdown to crank up the excitement!

As the clock struck midnight, Whitney and Chris sealed the deal with a special New Year’s Eve kiss, marking not just the start of their marriage but a whole new year for everyone.

And my mission as the photographer? Freezing my heckin’ tail off to capture all these magical moments in time. Ha! From the heart-melting vows to the crazy dance floor, every snap aimed to capture the essence of Whitney and Chris’s love, joy, and all-around awesomeness.

In a nutshell, Whitney and Chris’s NYE Wedding was a love-soaked, freezing-cold, wild & wonderful party, and I’m here to spill the details as your go-to Arkansas wedding photographer. Their personalities are a match made in heaven and they compliment each other so well, creating a day filled with laughter, joy, and unforgettable moments. Being part of this love story and capturing the madness frame by frame? Best gig ever, even if I did have to thaw out my fingers afterward!


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