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January 23, 2021

Covid Couples: 5 Location Ideas for Intimate Weddings: Does anyone else feel like we’re stuck in the movie Groundhog Day? Where each day we wake up and just lather/rinse/repeat what we did yesterday, just waiting for something to change and for Covid to disappear? Anyone who’s trying to plan an event (like…a wedding?) has an especially tricky task on their plate this year, as we try to guess what the guest restrictions, venue restrictions, etc will be on any given day in 2021. How can we know? If you are sitting there thinking “yeah Corrie, how am I supposed to get married this year?” — I have good news! You most definitely can get married this year, and I have 5 location ideas for intimate weddings that just might make you more excited about the way your day could look than you were before you landed on this blog post.

Before we dive in though, let’s just acknowledge the obvious hangups that I know most of you are working through as you figure this stuff out. It’s okay to be sad and disappointed that the celebration you have been dreaming of might not be able to happen this year. Of course you can still get married if you choose to, but I know that the experience also matters a lot to my clients and the thought of missing out on some of that is breaking lots of hearts. So take a deep breath, allow yourself to work through your feelings, and know that I am hugging you in spirit (it’s okay if you cry on my shoulder, I can take it)!

Now, here’s the good news — there are SO many ways (and places!) to get married. If you choose to not wait, you miiiiight even get to the point where you’re excited about the opportunity to come up with a plan that’s unusual or unexpected! Maybe you even thought in the beginning, “we’d love to just elope, but my mom/his grandma/etc would be upset”. Guess what? This is your chance to re-direct & follow your hearts! And you can still have a big celebration later if you choose. Best of both worlds. Boom.

So if you’re trying to come up with location/plan ideas that feel like “you”, scroll down! Maybe I can inspire you?

5 Location Ideas for Intimate Weddings

5 Location Ideas for Intimate Weddings

The most obvious option on this list — go somewhere that has meaning to you guys. The world is your metaphorical oyster! If there’s somewhere specific you really love – especially if it’s just you, me, a couple guests and your officiant – you can get married pretty much anywhere. This could be anywhere from a dirt road to your local plant nursery, or even the bike shop where you met. It might be wise to call ahead to certain kinds of places, but I’m willing to bet it will be relatively easy to get permission for just a few people. Bonus tip: Some very lovely places have awful lighting situations, so if you are going for a certain aesthetic for your wedding photos, keep this in mind! Your photographer should be able to tell you what’s up.

5 Location Ideas for Intimate Weddings

The backyard. It doesn’t have to be your backyard either. It could be literally anyone’s backyard (I mean, probably call them first though). If you only have a handful of guests, you don’t need a ton of space or logistical considerations that usually go along with choosing to host a wedding in someone’s backyard. I’ve shot several backyard weddings in my day, and what struck me about them was how personal everything was and how amazing their florals were. Amazing florals can make anywhere feel like paradise! Ask your photographer for tips on lighting & setup to make the most out of your plans for photos!

Get out in nature! Somewhere with a view? If you love nature, or even if you’re so-so on nature but you love a gorgeous view, get out there and grab a gorgeous cliffside in Petit Jean or Mt. Magazine! I have a few special spots – some of them with very easy access – in Arkansas, and of course there are tons of even more incredible options outside of Arkansas if you’re open to an adventure. Remember to ask your photographer about timing for best light!

Rent an AirBNB! AirBNB has totally changed the game. My clients rent them for hair & makeup photos and sometimes even small receptions! But think ever further outside the box – what if there’s a sweet Airstream parked somewhere near you, surrounded by evergreens, with a firepit out front? Or a beautiful white yurt overlooking the lake, with enough lawn space for a floral arch & a few chairs? Again, your photographer will be able to tell you more about things like which way to position your arch to get the best light!

Rooftops & the top level of parking garages: I know. This one’s a little unusual (that’s the idea though, right?). But a lot of parking garages stay pretty empty on top and have gorgeous sunset light, usually with a view overlooking the surrounding city. If you only have a couple guests, throw your wedding clothes on and head to the spot when there’s good light (ask your photographer — sorry about sounding like a broken record) and get your nuptuals on. Head to a local restaurant afterward for a sweet celebration of your new spouse!


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Covid Couples: 5 Location Ideas for Intimate Weddings

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