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April 6, 2017

Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photographer Have you heard of Day After sessions? Most people actually haven’t, or if they have they are confused about what exactly it is. The day after your wedding you’ll probably be exhausted and not in the mood to get all dressed up again, right? But don’t write it off so fast because despite the name, Day After sessions don’t actually have to take place the day after your wedding! Sometimes they do happen the day after the wedding, but sometimes it’s weeks or even months later. It’s so wonderful to be able to wear your dress again, get a gorgeous bouquet made and connect with your love during an extra wedding portrait session. There are several reasons to do one of these sessions with your Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photographer, and here I’d like to discuss six really great ones:

  1. Because you want really great wedding portraits, but you’d rather spend the most time with friends and family on your wedding day: One of the best things about your wedding day is getting to see your friends and family all in one place. What other occasion brings together every single person who you love in your lives and throws a big party for them? So while obviously I believe strongly in the importance of wedding day photography, when my brides and grooms decide to only take a couple portraits and then scurry off to their reception, I completely understand! We can always get together when you get back from your honeymoon and get those portraits for you guys then!
  2. Because you hired a photographer who didn’t deliver (or because you didn’t hire a photographer at all): Did you find yourself being talked into using your fiance’s sister’s journalism student nephew as your wedding photographer? If so, and if you’re struggling to love any of the photos from your wedding day, don’t fret! This is another great reason to get dressed up in your wedding dress again and have a Day After session with a different photographer!
  3. Because you have your pick of all the amazing locations near and far that you couldn’t have ever fit into your wedding day: Want wedding photos in Yosemite National Park? In the Lavender Fields in France? Or at sunrise on Whitaker Point or Stout’s Point right here in Arkansas? Just think of having those epic images hanging on your walls and passed down generations! Even if you don’t want to go somewhere epic, think of the possibilities just being able to spend a couple hours in locations other than your venue and it’s immediate surrounding area. You’ll have such an amazing variety of images!
  4. Because the weather didn’t cooperate or you ran out of time for portraits on your wedding day, for one reason or another: Believe me, I know exactly how it is to try to plan your timeline to accommodate everything that needs to happen on a wedding day. Sometimes, especially on the shorter Winter day weddings, there’s just not enough time for everything! And sometimes, even with the most thoroughly planned wedding timeline, something happens and things are thrown off. I’m an expert at going with the flow and doing everything I possibly can even in these circumstances, but unfortunately sometimes that means cutting down portrait time! If this happens to you, know that YES, you can have a do-over! With these Day After sessions, we can control when it happens, where it happens and reschedule if the weather doesn’t cooperate. You can’t do that with a wedding day!
  5. Because you are having a destination wedding and you want to take full advantage of the location: If you’re flying somewhere spectacular to tie the knot, it’s a fantastic idea to plan for another day of portraits to use that location to the greatest extent that we can! On your wedding day you’ll be confined to your venue and the surrounding area, so this is a fabulous way to get photos of you and your honey all over the island (can you tell I’m envisioning you guys/me somewhere tropical right now?)! So if you’re flying me to your wedding or if you’re traveling to NWA, definitely let me know ASAP if you want to do a Day After session so that this Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photographer is sure to have time on my calendar while we’re together!
  6. Because you just love photos and want as many as possible in your gorgeous dress, with the love of your life! No explanation necessary, right?


Are you ready for your awesome post-wedding session now? Let’s plan it! Even if I didn’t take your wedding photos, I bet we can make some magic.

What is a Day After session, anyway?

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