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So for all my clients I deliver images with a fantastic online gallery service called PASS. It’s a really powerful tool but also pretty simple and easy to understand. That’s what I love about it! Still, just to make sure that you guys are able to truly use all the features that it offers, I’ve created these notes to help lay out the options for you!

1. Download all the images in your gallery

 The first option at the top on the toolbar looks like this. If it’s like this with no little black number, you can click on it and a menu will drop down with an option to download the entire gallery in high resolution or web resolution.


Download All Images in Gallery


 If the download button looks like this with a little number, that means that on some of the individual images in the gallery, you’ve clicked the little download button on or or multiple individual images. In my experience, using this icon to create a “favorites” selection of images to download isn’t the best use of this function because it takes away your ability to download the entire gallery without losing your previous selections. (There is an actual “Favorites” function and a “Share Photos” function that you can add photos to, to organize photos how you’d like to use them. More about that later!)

If you have a number here, instead of a drop down menu it will pop up a different screen with the images that have been selected. If you want to download all the images in the gallery, you can select “add all photos” and it will repopulate this area with the entire gallery.

Downloads Screen


2. Make groups of images to share with other people

This bendy arrow at the top of the screen for the “Share Photos” function, and it’s a great place to make collections to send to your friends or family. For example, if you want to put all the family formal photos in a collection to send to all the aunts and uncles, you can make a collection called Family Formals and send that to them via email. Click on this icon and then “Add Email” to create a new collection. Add photos to the collections (see below) and when you’re ready to send/share, you’ll click on this icon again.



To add photos to a collection to either share on Facebook or send via email, you’ll use these icons visible on each individual image. If you have more than one collection made (under the envelope icon), you’ll have the option to check a box for which collection you want it to go in.




3. Make your own favorites folder

Anywhere you see this heart is going to indicate your Favorites. You click the heart on the individual images to add them or remove them to the favorites, and then when you’re ready to download them you will click on the heart icon on the toolbar at the top of the gallery. Easy peasy, right?


4. The Store: Order Prints and Products

Through your gallery, you can order prints, canvases, albums and photo cards. On each image you’d like to put on a printed product, click the little “print” or shopping cart icon. You’ll be able to choose your product and size and add it to your cart. Clicking on this shopping cart icon in the top bar will take you to your cart.


4. One last thing: Hiding Images

In the screenshot above, you’ll see on the sparkly shoe photo that there’s a little eye with a line through it. If there’s a photo you’d like to hide from the gallery, click on that little eye. If you’d like to bring a photo back from the Hidden Photos folder, just scroll all the way to the bottom of the gallery and find the Hidden Photos folder and deselect the little eye icon!

PASS Gallery: Tips and Tricks

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